October 2016

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Dear Supporting Church,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We have been in the states now just over one month. It is amazing how quickly the times has gone since we have been so busy! We had the joy of attending the annual mission conference at Greater Portland Baptist, our sending church. It was so nice to introduce our children who were born in Germany to the church there. We also had meetings in Longview Washington, Salem Oregon, Albuquerque New Mexico, Royce City Texas, and Alpine Tennessee. The Lord has been gracious and we thank you for your prayers.

We broke down in California and spent about five hours waiting for a tow truck. Once I replaced the coil and ignition module, we continued driving. On our way through Arizona, our van service engine light came on. We decided to stay the night in Flagstaff rather than press on across the desert with engine trouble. While in the parking lot of the parts store I helped a man and his girlfriend repair their car. The door was wide open to share the Gospel, and I had the joy of leading them both to Christ! They both told me how they had been thinking about eternity and wondering what they must do to go to Heaven. As we drove out of Flagstaff, we had a completely different outlook on that check engine light and we praised the Lord for divine appointments.

Please pray for us to work through some technical difficulties. Several items were stolen from us last month. Among those things taken were my Adobe Design Suite and MS Office 2007. These tools were very valuable to me in web and graphic design, print layout, and correspondence. I am now learning to use Open Office and so we will see if an old dog can learn new tricks. 🙂 We also need to rebuild our website after hackers attacked the site and destroyed all of our information there. We are hoping to get time to work on these things before the end of November.

Bella’s health has been much improved as she has been exposed to the dry climates of Albuquerque, and Royce City. The fall climate in Tennessee has also been great for her allergy and asthma problems. She has not suffered any severe attacks since we arrived in the states!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the local prison with pastor Copeland here at Grace Baptist. Today, our family was able to accompany the church to the local nursing home where the kids provided special music. Our children are experiencing a side of ministry they have never known before and I believe it is a great training ground for them.

We ask you to continue praying for us during this furlough time and wish each of you a special Thanksgiving. It is our desire to follow the Lord’s leading as we pray for an open door and for the Word of God to have free reign. -The Byers Family

Reclaimed by the Blood of Jesus Christ!

The Byers FamilyDear praying friends and supporters,

Our website was hacked by a Turkish group who were apparently trying to make a political or religious statement of some kind. We are not sure exactly why we were targeted or if it had anything to do with the 33 former Muslims we baptized last month. Please pray for our ministry and our family as we work to preach the gospel to the lost souls around us. We will be working to restore our website in the days ahead. Thank you to my brother Gary, who brought this to my attention!