April 2018 Prayer Letter (Printable)

Dear Supporting Churches,

As they say, April showers bring May flowers. Perhaps that statement is even truer in Astoria, Oregon than any other place in the world.  Several have heard our family sing that song “Send the Rain,” but I confess we don’t sing it quite as much as we used to. Thank you for sending your prayers to heaven and financial support to us as we continue with preparation for the work of God.

The family is beginning to really feel at home here in the rainy costal region of Oregon. Things are warming up and the sites are beautiful each day. Josiah is working at the care center here and has been well received as a hard working responsible CNA. The kids have been playing catch up with school and most of them are on track now. I have continued to travel and present our plan in churches around the northwest and persuade God’s people to pray for a great work to be done in Astoria. We have distributed many prayer cards and met many Christians who desire to see a church planted in this area.

Last week my son Noah and I had the privilege to visit the preacher conference in Summerville, Oregon. Many pastors, missionaries, and full-time Christian workers gathered for preaching, fellowship, encouragement, and of course, food. It was great to meet up with Pastor Rick Adams and many other preachers from the area. Pastor Humber announced with great excitement that our family was the newest addition to their mission team as they have taken on our support! A couple other churches also added us to their mission team and we thank God for the increase in support. A few of those preachers at the meeting promised to contact me and schedule a time for me to visit. This is all exciting news and we thank God for it. We do have several meetings scheduled, but also have plenty of space on the calendar to fill up.

After much prayer and consideration, we have settled on a name for the new church. Pastor Adams was wise in his challenge to weigh this decision carefully. The name we have chosen is Anchor Baptist Church! Of course, we are in the Pacific costal region of Oregon with the Columbia River immediately to our North and the Pacific Ocean to our West. We have a Coast Guard Air Station, Maritime Museum, and Anchors on every corner in Astoria. There are several marinas, fishing vessels, cargo ships, and even cruise ships that come through our town. The Bible makes this analogy of the hope we have within the veil of the tabernacle as an anchor of the soul.

Heb 6:19  Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil; 

Pray with us about Anchor Baptist Church and for the many who need something unmovable in an ever changing world. We have registered the name with Oregon and will be working on a website soon.

A few weeks ago, we began meeting on Thursday evening for Bible study with a man who has shown interest in the church. He has posted signs in his apartment building and has invited us to use the conference room there. We are asking the Lord to give us this facility at no cost for 5 months. Please pray with us that management will allow us to invite folks from the community as we use this conference room. If not there, we do need the Lord to provide a place to meet. Thank you for praying, giving, and trusting God with us. –The Byers Family