August/September Prayer Letter

Hello from the I-5 Corridor in Oregon!

The road has been our home for the past several months and will likely be for the months ahead. We are thankful for safety, your prayers, and churches who are excited about planting a church in Astoria, Oregon. Thank you for remembering to pray for us and to read our regular updates.

During the month of August, we finished updating our supporting churches in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. We also were able to schedule a new meeting in Tennessee and present the work there. We also found a used Chevy Malibu for Josiah to drive and together we replaced some ball joints and tie-rod ends. With the price of the car and the parts, he was able to have reliable transportation for under $1,200.00. He has remained in Tennessee where he is working in the medical field and saving money for college. He would like to become a Registered Nurse. Stacy has remained strong as she works through all the emotions of leaving her first born behind for the time being.

The boys helped me to replace a water pump, fan belt, and fan clutch on the van as well as regular oil change before we left Tennessee. Driving through Virginia, the steering suddenly became loose and we were drifting back and forth in our lane. I stopped to see what was the matter and discovered broken ball joints. It was late and the only parts house that was open was located in Roanoke, VA. They actually had the parts in stock. I decided it was best to replace all the steering parts before we made our trip out west. We were one hour from the store and were closing in one hour. Praise the Lord! we pulled into the parking lot at 10:00, just as they were closing and were able to purchase the $800.00 in front end parts. At our overnight stop, we worked in the parking lot and replaced the upper and lower control arms, inner and outer tie-rod ends, stabilizer bushings and shocks for the driver side. We didn’t have time to complete the other side, but they were not quite as bad. On our way to North Dakota, the service engine light came on and our gas mileage dropped to 5 miles per gallon. We discovered the oxygen sensors had failed and all four needed to be replaced. Once we arrived in North Dakota, we did the passenger side suspension while in the parking lot of Minot Baptist Church. Suffice it to say that we have certainly had an eventful couple of months.
Driving across Montana we saw some beautiful sights and also into Idaho. The kids have enjoyed seeing the Lord provide along the way, and have experienced many wonderful churches along the way. It is very encouraging for them to know there are true Christians who live for Christ in every state in America.

Please pray for our support to increase as we now have about 62% of what we have budgeted for the work in Astoria. We are still asking the Lord to speak to a couple about helping us when we begin. We are also praying about a name for the church, a time to begin, a place to live, and a place to meet for church. All these things will be done in God’s order as we pray and seek the Lord. Will you please continue in prayer with us?

Perhaps you will remember a few months back that Caleb fell from a tree and cut his hand. We also had to take Bella to the hospital. We have outstanding medical bills that we are making payments on and are praying the Lord will meet those needs. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! -The Byers Family