July 2017

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Hello from Brooklyn Connecticut!

We have enjoyed the privilege of visiting with the Open Bible Baptist Church here in Brooklyn. Pastor and Mrs. Davis and the church have been long time supporters of our ministry. They began over ten years ago when we raised support to work with the military and continued to help us as we shifted our focus to the German speaking people of Nuremberg. Now as we make preparation to plant a church in the Pacific Northwest, they have pledged their continued support. Pastor Davis is also a church planter who began the ministry in the New England area nearly 20 years ago. Now they are helping to plant a church on the opposite side of the country in Astoria Oregon!

It was a blessing to hear from two churches in July who have increased their support of our ministry as we make the transition to Astoria. We have heard from many more churches who intend to continue supporting us for the church plant. Each of these churches has helped to reduce the costly and time consuming process of raising additional support. It is also vital as we continue to hunt for a house in the area. Because of Bella’s allergies, it will be important to find housing that will not pose any mold problem and we ask you to pray that we can find such a place. Praise God for the additional support and for those who have continued with us!

In July, we met with dear friends in Alabama and they are also very excited about the church plant in Astoria. They showed me a piano in their home and said they felt the Lord wanted them to donate it to us for the ministry. Praise the Lord! I trust he will continue to provide each step of the way as we trust Him!

Last week I received some troubling news from Veterans United, a loan agency that specializes in VA loans. For some strange reason, they would not approve us for a loan even after they had given us pre-approval. I assume this has to do with their failure to understand mission work. For some business, it is hard for them to understand how we pay our bills. Despite having credit scores well above 750, a housing allowance guarantee from BIMI, and VA backing; they have refused to loan for 1 year. We certainly don’t want to wait that long for a house so we ask you to pray. Interest rates will likely increase so we don’t want to wait too long. For those of you praying, we did not make an offer on the house we told you about in our last letter. We are still searching and appreciate your prayers.

Please pray for traveling safety and support for our travels as we finish up our meetings around the United States. There are yet several churches that we need to visit and then we plan to transition to visiting new churches who will partner with us. We have journeyed many thousands of miles and have many more to go. In October, we put new tires on the van and will likely need to replace them before winter. We have needed to change the oil a couple times each month and the kids are a bit saddle sore.

Soon, you will receive a letter with information about our support level and support goal as well as items we will need before we begin. To date, we have only lost 4 of our supporting churches! For now, please continue to pray for new support, housing in Astoria, and a couple to come and work with us. Not only is the Lord Jesus Christ great! he is also able. Thank you so much in having a part in this great endeavor!  -The Byers Family

May 2017 – An Open Door

Please read all four of the attached letters which are available for download and suitable for printing! These are vital to understanding our change of ministry and the reasons behind it.

Pastor Adams Letter Dr. Hembree Letter


Dear Praying Churches,

Since June of 2005, we have been missionaries to the country of Germany. God has richly blessed with souls saved, baptized, and discipled. Praise the Lord for this ministry! and thank you for your vital role in supporting us. It is clear to me that our ministry in Europe has not only been a time of reaping precious souls for Jesus Christ, but also preparation for what lies ahead.

Each of you know how the door for our work in Nuremberg Germany has closed with the people under the leadership of a German national, and you have also been praying with us that God would open a door for a new missionary endeavor. After praying, fasting, and seeking God’s face; it is clear to me that the Lord has opened the door for our family to plant a church in Astoria Oregon.

According to a 2014 Gallup poll, Oregon is one of the least religious states and also one of the most liberal politically. The spiritual need for Baptist churches in Astoria is overwhelming and the costal climate will be a welcomed change for Bella. Our pulmonologist highly recommends this move as the climate will be therapeutic for her lungs.

When I was seventeen years old and surrendered my life to preach the gospel, it was in my heart to plant a church in the Northwest just like my pastor did. Pastor Adams came to Portland Oregon 35 years ago, to a place described to him as “the fundamentalist graveyard.” Greater Portland Baptist Church was born, is thriving, and would now like to reproduce itself just 3 hours away in the town of Astoria. By God’s grace, our family will be leading that endeavor!

You have faithfully supported our work with the military, German speaking people, Iranians, and Syrians. The labor has been rewarding, fruitful, and blessed by God. Thank you so much for your unrelenting giving, prayers, and encouragement during these years. We have done as the Lord commanded us, and we could not have done it without you.

It is my prayer that you will consider how God is leading in our lives and commit to helping us to fulfill the great commission in Astoria Oregon. If you desire to take this journey with us, you may continue sending support in the same way you have been sending it, and approaching the same throne of grace you always do. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can schedule a time to update your church on the work in Germany and the plan for Astoria. I pray the Lord will bless each of you and I thank you for the opportunity to represent your church for the Kingdom of God.


Kevin L. Byers