Dear Church,
Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our family. We have been blessed this year and have seen God’s hand of direction and provision. It is wonderful to have you in our corner striving together with us in the work of the Lord. Although miles separate us and schedules are busy, we think of you and pray for you.

Several weeks ago I was returning from the state park located just five minutes from our house, when I spotted some young people on the side of the road. They were lost and wanted to know where the lake was located so I suggested they follow me and I could show them. As we drove that way, they failed to make the right-hand turn so I went back to find them stuck in the middle of the road. Their car was inoperable and they were stranded.
After evaluating the problem, I knew that some tools would be required. The entire front suspension had come unbolted and the steering linkage came undone. The motor was nearly sitting on the pavement. I drove back to get what was needed and also picked up Stacy to go along with me. As I worked on the car, my wife witnessed to the young lady who was now a very captive audience. A few other young adults showed up and details began to emerge of a get-together for which they were late. They had been part of the job core and one of their mentors was holding a ceremony where they planned to burn some incense, hold an object, and confess their failures and problems aloud. They called it a cleansing, and the young lady was visibly shaken as she expressed the importance of her attending this meeting.

It didn’t take long for Stacy to recognize these young people were playing with the occult and following Native American demonism. Another one of the girls came by and Stacy tried to share the gospel with her. This girl seemed agitated and explained that she had gone to a church in Astoria when she was young. Stacy replied, “then you must have heard the gospel many times.” To which she responded; “it’s a non-denominational church.” None of these people had assurance of Heaven, and all of them were counting on a ceremony involving incense, inanimate objects, and ritual to cleans them from their sins.

The amazing grace of God was evident in this young girl’s life. I told her the ceremony she planned might make her feel better for the time being, but the sin would still be there. I offered to take the Bible and show her how that God could truly cleans her from all her sin by the blood of Jesus Christ. She replied that her grandmother used to tell her the same thing when she was young. I asked her to consider what would have happened to her had the bolts dropped out of her car while speeding down the highway. She knew it would have been fatal, and yet; no surrender to Christ. Stacy and I pleaded with her to hear the gospel, but she just thanked me for fixing her car and left with the group. There is a great spiritual battle taking place here in this area. God has given us many chances to share the scripture and the gospel but we have not seen anyone trust Christ this month. Please pray with us!

We are hoping the Lord will give us a permanent place to meet in the next few days. This is an urgent matter of prayer as we get ready to print 10k copies of John and Romans. Thank you so much for seeing the need for a church in Astoria. We are blessed to have you partner together with us and appreciate your prayers very much!

–The Byers Family