We are blessed to live in what we believe to be the most beautiful village in Germany! We love it here. We have the most amazing neighbors who have gone out of their way to be kind, and accept us into their village and hearts. This is a farming village and we are surrounded by sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and lots of green country side. Our one neighbor has a store where we can by fresh meat and eggs. Just a little further down the road and into another village we can get fresh milk from the local dairy. We have two wonderful bakeries in town, one of which we like to frequent for coffee. Often we run into American military there, so we make sure we have tracts handy to invite them to church. We have made some very dear, lifelong friends in this village. We sure hope the Lord plans on us staying for a very long time, because we love it here and wouldn’t want to leave any time soon! Below is the village website so you can take a look at the wonderful landscape and history for yourself.


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