Dear Praying Churches,

Oh how the Lord has been good to us in the past two months! The family is in good health, high spirits, and feeling refreshed. We praise the Lord for helping us to be completely debt free as of this month. Thank you Lord! We praise God for his mercy and grace as well as his Spirit of refreshing.

We are very pleased with Josiah as he not only passed his driving test with flying colors, but also made a very high score on his “High Set” test, securing a high school diploma for himself. While we are confident in the quality education he received at home, we wanted him to obtain a diploma so that he could apply for college. The great test scores re-affirmed our resolve to continue training our children at home. Josiah is considering a career in the medical field and possibly beginning as a surgical assistant. How exciting to see him progress!

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege to visit the county Jail again.  Pastor Copeland allowed me to go into the minimum and maximum wards of the Jail and preach. It was there in “max” that a man named Adam shared with me his desire to be born again. He bowed his head before the Lord even in the presence of the other inmates, admitted his guilt before God, and professed Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We thank God for this decision! The Lady that Stacy had won for Jesus in the Jail last month was later baptized by the false “Church of Christ.” Of course, these people teach that baptism has saving power. We pray that Satan’s kingdom be defeated and true doctrine will prevail even in the county Jail!

Last week, Stacy and I were invited to the Clark Fork Baptist Church in Idaho. Pastor Carr very graciously extended the invitation for me to preach at their revival services. It was a great joy to be in the Northwest and to preach whatever the Lord put on my heart from the scripture. I must say, there was great liberty and the Word of God went forth and fell upon obedient hearts. Folks walked the isles each night to do personal business with God. We renewed friendship with some people we had forgotten, and enjoyed forging new friendships with folks we came to love. Pastor John and Mrs. Patti made us feel welcome, along with their entire family of 6 children.

Many have asked about Bella’s health, and we are pleased to announce that she has  been very healthy and her allergies have been under control. There have been a few days where she started with the sniffles, but her allergy medication has been able to keep that from developing into asthma attacks.

Please keep praying for our family during this time of furlough. We are seeking the Lord’s guidance and trusting him for an open door of ministry. God has opened many doors for us in the past and has given us great victories. We have truly experienced marvelous manifestations of grace and provision during the last 12 years of service as missionaries. Many souls have come to know Christ, be baptized, and many have received discipleship training as a result of your investment in our ministry. Some of you have prayed us through the entire time and we appreciate your standing with us now. We are very anxious to see how the Lord will guide and continue to provide. Experience teaches that relocating our missionary endeavors will certainly be costly; therefore, we are saving in anticipation. Will you continue in prayer with us? -The Byers Family