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Dear Supporting Churches,

Anchor Baptist Church invitationPraise the Lord for faithful Christians reading these letters and bringing our request before the Lord. June went by quickly, but there were several answers to prayer and more progress made!

Prayer was requested in our last letter that we might print Gospel tracts for distribution here in Astoria. Although we are not yet meeting on Sunday, it is needful to get the gospel out and make contact with people. A couple in Maryland graciously sent all that was needed to print 5,000 tracts. A picture of the front side of the 3.5” x 5.5” tracts with phone number, address, website and e-mail is shown here. The reverse side of the tract has the plan of salvation. Please pray the Lord will use these as they arrive this week.

The Anchor Bible Club was canceled yesterday while Stacy and Gabriel were recovering from strep throat. Today, Elijah needed antibiotics because he also contracted the sickness. We hope he is the last to fall prey to this rather unpleasant and expensive malady. Stacy had complications with the infection and developed an ear infection. The doctor prescribed antibiotic drops which actually caused hearing loss due to ototoxicity in the inner ear. We visited an ENT specialist the following day and were given the proper drops that are safe for her ear. She and Gabriel have been down several days. Stacy is recovering from the sickness but we ask you; please pray for her hearing to return. The previous week at the Anchor Bible Club, two young people made a decision to trust Christ and be saved! We rejoice to see the first fruit of the work here.

We have done some research and have a few possible meeting places for services we plan to hold beginning in April. One possibility is a hotel conference room which would cost about $100.00 per service. A new bank account has been created and those churches wanting to finance special projects such as giving toward renting such a facility can send gifts to:

Anchor Baptist Church
P.O. Box 1154
Astoria, Oregon 97103

With the initial printing of tracts covered, we still have the following prayer requests. Please keep this short list on your mind as you pray.

– At least 3 baptisms on our first Sunday.
– Full support to be raised before January.
– Pray for at least 3 families to join us before we start Sunday services in April.
– A meeting place and funding for it.
– A welcome packet to be delivered to each home in Clatsop County.

As you remember these things, don’t forget that we are visiting churches each week and requesting financial support. Please remember to pray for these churches to increase their faith and commit to helping us with monthly support.
Last month our e-mail database was corrupted. In all, we lost about six months of e-mail signups from our website including those of churches we recently visited. We would appreciate prayer that we can reconnect with those who signed up to receive our letters and continue to communicate with them. I highly recommend visiting our website and signing up to receive the updates, especially if you think we may have lost your address.

–The Byers Family

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