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Dear Supporting Churches,

We thank the Lord for your dedication to read these letters and pray for our ministry. There is always so much to report, praise the Lord about, and request prayer for; which these letters a vital lifeline between us both. Thanks for keeping that line open!

The Anchor Bible club began last month when Stacy and the kids noticed how many children were playing in our yard. The Byers kids moved in and have attracted a yard full of friends! The neighbors are very tolerant of kids despite the extra noise. Bro. and Sister Larson from BIMI’s Reseeding America ministry came to visit and took note of the potential. They very graciously donated the entire Bible in flannel graph pictures. This was a kind investment and has already been in use for several weeks. Stacy is looking for crafty volunteers who might enjoy visiting the house and having a cutout party. Only patient steady hands need apply.

We now have two people who are meeting with us each week for individual Bible study and discipleship. The Lord is working and preparing for a church to be planted. Many opportunities to present the gospel and make friends have made an enjoyable transition for the family. Since spring left and summer arrived, we have experienced a few of the wonderful 65 days per year without rain. There is simply no place like the Pacific Northwest for beauty.

Support has been steadily increasing with several new churches adding us to their missionary budgets. We are so thankful for the strong backing of churches and pastors here in the Northwest. Each week, the Lord has given us opportunity to meet pastors and churches that are preaching the gospel and going forward for the cause of Christ. In nearly every church, someone has a story about the time they visited Astoria and could not find an independent Baptist Church they could attend. Those who have visited here are also reminded to pray and can easily catch the vision and see the need for a church. If you haven’t yet caught that vision, please consider making a trip to Astoria and have a look around. I would be delighted to meet with you and pray together about the need for souls to be saved in this area.

As part of the challenge to pray for the spiritual needs of Astoria, please remember how we are asking the Lord to send a faithful couple who would be willing to come with the recommendation of their pastor and help us during the first two years. This could greatly accelerate the initial start, be a great encouragement, multiply our efforts, and also be a blessing to whomever the Lord would send. It would also be an exciting opportunity for someone desiring the experience, joy, and excitement of a new church plant!

Here are some other goals that we are asking you to pray about or consider giving to as we work towards an April start date for Anchor Baptist Church:

  • Pray for at least 3 families to join us before we start Sunday services in April.
  • At least 3 baptisms on our first Sunday.
  • $180.00 to print Gospel Tracts now.
  • Full support to be raised before January.
  • A meeting place and funding for it.
  • A welcome packet to be delivered to each home in Clatsop County.

Thank you for praying with us, sending your support, and reading our update!

–The Byers Family