November 2017 Prayer Letter (Printable Version)

Greetings from Colorado!

It’s great to be saved with security while trusting the perfect King James Bible and telling others about Jesus. Many are called but few are chosen; how sweet it is to be chosen by the Lord to preach the gospel! Thank you for praying for us and supporting us each month.

Our family enjoyed thanksgiving in Tennessee with the Grace Baptist Family in Alpine. It was a happy time but also somewhat somber as the trip to Astoria was in the back of everyone’s minds. Our kids have especially grown attached to the church family there in Tennessee and are reluctant to relocate to a new place. Amid our travels to report to churches and raise support, Grace has been a comfort and security for the family between meetings.

Josiah was able to complete his certification with the state of Tennessee and is ready to apply for work in Oregon with that training. We found a used 99′ Chevy Malibu for him to drive before our last trip around the states so he could get to work when we were gone. Just a few weeks ago, the car overheated with blown head gaskets. Together, we removed the heads, rebuild them and replaced the head gaskets, water pump, plugs, wires, and sending units. What a blessing to have transportation without a car payment!

For many months we have asked you to pray with us about housing in Astoria and have searched diligently. We are now under contract to purchase a 2 bedroom house. It is small for our 9 person family but housing is expensive and with some remodeling we could make room for everyone. Please pray with us for the financing to go through without any problem and for closing to be expedited.

With all of our supporting churches in the east updated, we loaded our belongings in a 16 foot utility trailer a few days ago and began our trip to Astoria. Once loading was complete, our friends Jeff and Tracy reminded us of the piano they had donated for the church so we made a last minute trip to Alabama and broke a few laws of physics by squeezing an upright piano into the trailer. In a vote of confidence for our mechanic skills, Josiah also decided to keep the Malibu and drive it to Astoria with us.

Bella has been doing well over the past month. Thank you for your prayers and concern for her health. We were able to purchase an oxygen concentrator with a gift from Victory Baptist Church in Rossville to aid her in those times when she suffers a major attack. Bella was introduced to a young German girl through a mutual friend in the states and they communicated with each other via internet. As they chatted in German, Bella was able to share scripture with the girl and lead her to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; something her evangelical church was not able to do. Praise God for young missionaries!

Please be in prayer for the many financial needs we have this month. Perhaps the Lord would allow you to give toward these. The relocation to Astoria will be very costly, including the hotels, meals, and fuel costs of driving across the country. The trip will likely cost $2,000.00. We will need funds to remodel the house once we close along with the many expenses of purchasing and moving into a new home. We have no furnishings or remodeling tools or yard tools; only clothing and camping gear. Please pray that we can also raise additional monthly support. We believe the Lord wants a church in Astoria!

-The Byers Family