Dear Church,

I know everyone is busy now that Thanksgiving is past. We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. What an honor you would take time in this busy season to read our letter and pray for our family and for the work God has called us to do. Your support and care is a blessing to us and, a sweet smelling savor unto the Lord. (Philippians 4:18)

It is my life-long dream to plant a Baptist Church in the Pacific Northwest. The preparation alone is a blessing because I get to meet and make friends in the ministry. Several pastors have offered to send people to help us canvas the area and one pastor offered to have the church name printed on our van. This is a direct answer to prayer! Bearing Precious Seed ministries in Ohio has offered to print ten thousand personalized gospels of John and Romans at no cost to us except for shipping. Praise God for another prayer request answered!

A few weeks ago our van gave up the ghost. The head gaskets have needed to be replaced for some time and a church in Montana gave us money for that purpose. The entire front end of the van had to be removed and the radiator, timing chain and gears, cover, oil pan gasket, and two exhaust manifolds all had to be replaced as well. The boys did a lot of work with me and the van is back up and running. I had no way to cover the extra expenses when the Lord impressed upon a lady to send us one thousand dollars! She wishes to be anonymous but Heaven knows all about it.

The Sunday that our van was broken down, I did not have any meetings scheduled and had no transportation for the family. We held a Sunday service in our living room and four visitors came! We sang, prayed, and I preached a message from the Bible. How exciting to see the Lord working already. Who can tell what God will do in the days ahead!

April 21st is approaching fast and our focus on traveling and raising support must come to an end. Many churches have expressed a desire to see the church planted and have indicated a desire to support us. Another five churches promised to support us financially and one has already begun. I believe that several others are likely to help us in the coming months. Assuming these churches help us, we should have just over 75% of our needed support. Pray with us the rest will come in as we shift focus to the work at hand in January through April.
We have two hotel conference rooms available to rent; both have their problems. The Radio Shack building I mentioned before is still available but the owners want a retail store and will not lease to us. I would ask you to pray for wisdom and direction in this matter. We know the Lord has the perfect place!

I am concerned for a young girl who was saved during our Bible club and was attending Thursday night Bible study but then abruptly quit coming. Please keep this person in your prayers; the Lord knows her name. There are some other people that I shared the gospel with and they have since withdrawn themselves. God is working in their hearts and your prayer can make the difference!

The tires on our car were bald and had to be replaced along with shocks, hub assemblies, and rotors. Tie rods are going and the wiper control also needs to be replaced. I can do the repairs myself but the cost of the tires and parts is just over eight hundred dollars if someone would like to help. We are excited to represent your church in Astoria and are looking forward to see how God will bless as more plans are finalized in the coming days.

–The Byers Family