Howdy from Tennessee!

Miles of highway are behind us and many more remain ahead as we continue to traverse the country and raise prayer and financial support for a church in Astoria, Oregon. God’s blessing and provision have been constantly evident and our faith has been tested, strengthened and revived. Thank you for reading these updates, praying for us, and sacrificing financially for the cause of spreading the gospel!

October first marked the annual faith promise mission conference at my home church in Portland, Oregon. It was great to be united with family and friends and to share in this conference. The entire church confirmed their desire to stand with us as we strive together with Christ in reaching the lost souls in Astoria. Pastor Adams and the entire staff have been overwhelmingly supportive. It is hard to imagine how he and Mrs. Adams must have felt when they came to Portland 35 years ago. Their sending church was three thousand miles away! In the early 1980’s, and at that distance; they may as well have been in Tibet. We trust the same God that sustained them will see us through.

After our Portland meeting, we headed to Albany, Oregon and then to Sacramento. Bella had a severe asthma attack while we were at lunch with the pastor there. This is always a scary event for us. With medication and oxygen treatments we were able to manage through. The pastor and folks from church prayed together as she began to recover. Thank you Lord!

After Sacramento, we traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Due to my failure to plan well, we actually did not have any accommodations in Albuquerque. I called a friend, Pastor David Reyes and asked if we might stay at the church. He and his dear family insisted we stay with them in their home and there we enjoyed a fantastic time together. The morning after we arrived, we woke up at 4 AM because the hot air balloon fiesta was in town. I had no idea about this event, but it happened to be starting on October 11th on my birthday and Pastor Reyes had tickets for the entire family! Isn’t the Lord good!

From New Mexico we traveled to a great mission conference in Mustang, Oklahoma where we stayed with a family who actually came from Albany, Oregon. Not only that, but the couple we stayed with were actually close friends to a childhood friend of mine and arranged for us all to meet together. In each town we stayed, the world of brothers and sisters in Christ seem to get smaller and support for our work seemed to grow. Psalm 133:1 says “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” From Oklahoma we visited two churches in Texas where we were re-united with Stacy’s pastor from New Jersey. It was wonderful to see the Dosters again and the church where they are now serving the Lord. We received new support from the Longview Baptist Temple, heard some fantastic sacred music as well as great preaching by Dr. Gray.

Josiah did very well in our absence. We were pleased to see the mission house was still standing and the dog was still alive! He actually scored a 96% on his Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam and plans to be certified by the state in December.

Pray for us as we seek support, a couple to work with us, and wisdom in planting the church in Astoria.
-The Byers Family