The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church,

            Life and ministry seem to be on a fast track since restrictions began to ease and folks are out and about. We are thankful for several recent first-time visitors at Anchor Baptist Church, but also sad that a group of people left all at once. One individual caused great harm (2 Timothy 4:14).  

Stacy and I celebrated 24 years of marriage in May. We are blessed with a great family and appreciate your cards and notes of encouragement. One church and one individual sent special financial gifts to be used as we deemed best. These made it possible for Stacy and me to get away while taking a trip to visit an addictions recovery ranch and learn how to better implement the program in our church. We were able to visit our son on the trip and encourage him to press on and graduate the program. Many of you pray for him daily and we are honored by your care. Praise God for the incredible improvement and progress he is making, please continue praying.

My good friend, Bro. Teesdale talked with me on the phone during the trip and our conversation challenged me to remember how dependent we are on the Lord for spiritual victory. Stacy and I made our way back to Astoria and my heart was burdened for the lost. I begged God to allow us to win a soul for Jesus. On the plane, Stacy sat in the middle, I was on the window, and a lady took the seat on the isle. For about an hour, Stacy made a friend and found they had many things in common. I prayed God would intervene and allow this lady to hear the gospel as Stacy began to speak about spiritual things. The story is incredible and would fill two pages, the “coincidences” piled up a mile high, and the lady named Kelsey opened her heart to Jesus Christ and was born again. We enjoy plowing, sowing, and watering; but nothing beats bringing in the sheaves!

The time for the Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting is here! All permits have been approved by the city and reduced by half. The boys have the field mowed and dates are set from July 11-18th. We need an army of prayer partners and for this purpose we have an interactive calendar online at Our goal is to have round-the-clock prayer coverage. The app may not be up right now but check back if you don’t see it. Feel free to share on social media and encourage others to pray with us. We hope to see souls saved and Christians repent, turning their hearts back to the Lord. Thank you for praying, giving, and encouraging us! -The Byers Family