The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church,                                                                  

            Last month I shared a few details about our unexpected trip to New Jersey. Here are a few more details: I was able to update five of our supporting churches and preached in my uncle’s funeral while supporting my aunt during the difficult time. In addition, the Lord allowed us to win two souls to Jesus Christ on that trip and we are so excited about that! One person, in particular; is likely to make our prayer letters in the future. You folks who regularly read our letters will want to make a note of this and prepare for God to do amazing things!

            Once we returned to Astoria, I contacted a person who visited during our tent meeting. He was very interested in our zeal for getting the gospel to the community and seemed to want to learn more. He had made a change in his life months earlier and decided to seek after God but sadly, some Seventh Day Adventists “troubled him” (Gal 5:12) and convinced him there was no such place as hell. After communicating via text, I asked if we could just meet in person to which he agreed. We spent well over an hour sitting on the park bench in front of the Columbia River and discussing the scripture. I showed him the Bible way of salvation and he asked me “do you mind if I do that right now?” We bowed our heads as this man repented of his sin, called on Jesus as his Lord, and received eternal life.

            I was so excited about this decision and couldn’t wait to share it with Stacy. We rejoiced together and looked forward to seeing the man and his wife attend church. The next day I received another text from him. He said he still wouldn’t believe God would send people to Hell and ended the chat in a resolute manner. We can be thankful for the parable of the sower and the seed. There has been a lot of seed planted in this spiritual wilderness and we have not seen any of it take solid root yet. Planting a church in Astoria is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. We have the greatest supporters who regularly read our letters and lift us up in prayer. The little notes of encouragement and the regular support are all cheering us forward and we are still excited to see what God will do.

            Some of you who visit our ministry website as well as our church website may have noticed some problems over the past month. Our sites were hacked again! I decided to change hosting companies and rebuild the sites from scratch. This was quite an undertaking and not something I really had time for, but it was necessary. The sites now have a nice new design, but they are not quite perfect yet. We appreciate feedback if you have time to visit and let us know about any problems you might see. It is possible that I lost some e-mails in this process. If you feel that I have ignored you, please reach out again!

            Our visitation program is up and running better than ever but my soul-winning partner has plans to leave town for college. Please make this a matter of prayer!

-The Byers Family