The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church,

Another busy month is gone, and September is already here. During the month of October, we had our first missions conference, a men’s retreat, visited a prophecy conference, and Josiah graduated from Victory Ranch in Oklahoma! The Lord is working here in Astoria and sustaining our family as we work to reach people with the Gospel and bring Anchor Baptist to Autonomy.
Last night I read an article from the local news which explained how the dark arts festival would be canceled again this year. We began praying that God would close down this wicked assembly when we first arrived and were unable to use the hotel conference room to hold church services for two weeks because of the over-crowded hotels. When I asked what was going on they explained how the whole town would be celebrating witchcraft. I thank God for his power in shutting down this horrible event and give honor to HIS HOLY NAME!

Many asked about Josiah and continue praying for him. He surrendered his life to serve Jesus was diligent in completing the recovery program H.O.P.E. which stands for “Helping Others Put off Entanglements.” (Galatians 5:1) I have never seen a more drastic change in a life! Art Thomas and Pastor Carter helped so much. Josiah stayed faithful, the workers invested, and God gave the increase; keep praying! We were concerned when Josiah wanted to return to Astoria to be with his family. The wicked people who helped him destroy his life anxiously await his return so they can continue their dirty work. Just before graduation, Josiah determined that God would not want him to return here. We are so thankful to our dear friends, Jeff, and Tracey, who opened their home to Josiah while he works and saves money for a fresh start. Your prayers and ours answered!

The Lord is still working in hearts and we continue to see first-time visitors to church. Many people have come and gone refusing to be faithful and making the work difficult. Only in Heaven will we know of the lost opportunities as people fail to give themselves for the cause of Christ. It is our desire to charter Anchor Baptist Church in the first few months of the new year. We may not have the twenty members we were hoping for, but we cannot wait forever to move forward. Pray with us that we don’t lose anyone who may be attending but unqualified for membership.

Recently Noah (age 13) started live streaming our services again. Time prevented me, but Noah has taken on the responsibility and is doing a great job. We could use a better camera, but we did work out some problems with the audio last night. A link to our livestream is available at Pray for our financial support which has been down a bit over the past couple months and pray for our growing visitation program and for souls to be saved! We have four people outside our family who have been out soulwinning with us. This is a new benchmark for Anchor Baptist Church and one we are excited to see develop. Your prayers and support are working!