The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church,

By show of hands, how many of you were sick last month? It seems every church and every person we know has been hit by sickness of some kind over the past two months. Our family was down for a couple of weeks. We had a guest speaker one week and even had to cancel service one week because so many were sick or out of town. We are on the recovering side but still coughing quite a bit. I hope you all are healthy and doing well. Thank you for continuing prayer and support!

We lost some support last month, which was a bit sad but certainly understandable. Years ago, it became clear to me that God is the one who provides support for his ministry, and he uses people to provide it. God used a destitute widow woman to provide for Elijah, but he also used ravens for a time to feed the man of God. The same week we learned of a drop in financial support, a family friend of many years began sending monthly support to help us reach lost souls in Oregon. We never shared our need with anyone, but God knew!

Oregon voted to elect a lesbian as governor, ban the sale of guns that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and declare healthcare a right. Our nation has certainly come a long way since 1776, the wrong way! Friends, we are losing ground in gospel outreach, and we are losing America at a rapid pace. People in America are getting further from God and there is no longer a difference between “home” and “foreign” missions. Which nation is more ungodly than ours? China and Russia both know there is a difference between a man and a woman, does America? The Muslim country of Saudi Arabia knows beer is wrong, does America? The USA soccer team is trying to force rainbow flags in their logo at the World Cup to show support for sexual perversion. We must do more to preach the Word of God here in America. Thank you for helping us to do that!

As we continue here in Astoria, we have many needs. Pray with us for a building! The Christian Church we were renting from voted to close and give their building to another church of the same denomination. The other church allowed us to continue renting and began holding service in that building for the people who were still attending the Christian Church. The second church is now refusing to accept the building or fill the pulpit for their services. We don’t know what this means for the future of Anchor Baptist Church, but we do know we need your prayer.

Another great need we have is for a family to come and help us. Ever since we started Anchor Baptist Church we have prayed God would send a family to join us. We need a strong Christian family to join the church, work in ministry, tithe, support the pastor, attend all the services, win souls, and determine to stay until the church is financially self-supporting. God can answer this prayer and we ask you to continue bombarding Heaven with this request. We really need help! Our family is on the font lines of a spiritual battle in a wicked place and willing to continue the fight. If you knew the battles we have fought, it might amaze you, but God has been with us every step of the way. Will you continue to support us financially and in prayer?