The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church,

October is long past and so is my deadline for writing our latest letter. Thank you for bearing with me as I take time to write down some of the blessings, trials, and updates from last month. It was wonderful to hear from several of you who reminded me of your continued prayer. One preacher even took the time to call with some words of encouragement.

I recently shared some church needs with Anchor Baptist Church including our need for printing new visitor cards costing $50, and a sign for the church trailer costing $1800. The sign will be reversable so we can advertise for the church as well as the Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting. Someone in the church gave above and beyond the tithe for the visitor cards. I mentioned the needs to another church who also responded with $1000 toward the sign. Yet another church heard about the need and sent $800 to completely cover the cost of the trailer signs. Glory to God!

We still need an additional $200 for updated prayer cards and postage as it has been a while since we sent out new ones. Another tool we could use is a box of personalized pens with our church name, phone number, and website to give away as gifts to visitors. The cost will be $150 and includes shipping. If you would like to give towards these additional expenses, we would be grateful and put the gifts to good use.

One man who joined with us and signed the church covenant when we organized, continues to reach out to others and invite guests to church. Several weeks ago, we had a first-time visitor who came because he found a tract on Camp Rilea. This dear Brother is the one who left that tract. A couple weeks later, a mother and daughter attended the services of Anchor Baptist Church because this man continues to be a witness! I had a wonderful opportunity to follow up after they visited. The mother was home, and I shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. After everything was made clear, this lady got on her knees to call upon Jesus as Lord and Saviour! Of course, one waters, another plants, but God gives the increase!

During our conversation I noticed she had a corrupt Bible version. I recommended she use the King James Bible and she wondered what the difference was. I showed her two places in God’s Word; 1 John 5:7, and Daniel 3:25. Like all sincere believers, she only needed to see those drastic differences between God’s Word and Satan’s counterfeit to make up her mind. She came last Sunday with a giant print King James Bible! Jesus said, “my sheep hear my voice.” Honest believers know God’s Word when they hear it, and I am so happy to have another sister in Christ. Thank God for our dear brother in the Lord who is a charter member of the church and a witness for the Lord. We are thankful to know him! We now have 4 regularly attending from the nursing home!

In closing, our 2007 Honda Odyssey was struck while parked in front of our house. There are many details and God is working. Perhaps I will share one more day, but for now I just praise the Lord the other vehicle was insured! Please pray the insurance company treats us fairly!