The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church,

We are excited to report exciting answers to prayer and marked progress in our work here in Astoria, Oregon. Thank you once again for remaining faithful to read these reports, pray for our family, and send support to keep Anchor Baptist Church safely anchored and holding strong! We are blessed to have strong support from churches who hold a strong position on the old time religion, and we do not take that for granted.

Last month I shared about a need for giant print Bibles for those who attend services at the nursing home as well as some who attend. We received word from two individuals who happily sent some Bibles our way. Another church contacted me to ask if they could help with supplying scripture and I was pleased to report that we have the need covered for the moment. The first lady to receive a Bible was very excited about it. We set up a podium for her in church so she could lay the Bible down in front of her and read it since it is so heavy. If we have a future need for more of these Bibles, we have one church poised to send more. Praise the Lord for so many who are willing to send seed to the sower! God bless you for your help in this matter!

We are excited to share another exciting answer to prayer which is a great blessing to our ministry here. God blessed us with a 2007 Honda Odyssey! Working without a reliable van was extremely difficult and made every Sunday exhausting for us. Therefore, we are so thankful that God answered this prayer! Stacy was searching on Craigs List and found a vehicle with all the specs we were hoping for. Insurance from the vehicle that hit us covered much of the cost, however; we still lost much time dealing with the situation. We also had additional expenses in driving two vehicles to pick up people for church, and several maintenance items will need to be done to this van soon which were already done on our first van. We have asked the court for additional funds from the other party to make things right and ask you to pray with us about this. We are so happy that God met our need, and we have a replacement vehicle to drive. Thank you again for praying!

In closing, we are beginning to see some increase in our Sunday attendance. It seems there is a core of sincere Bible-believers coalescing around a love for God’s Word, sound doctrine, and love for one another. People are starting to visit the church more frequently and the services are exciting. We still want you to pray that God will send a young couple who are firmly grounded and very loyal to help us in the work here. Thank you again for your prayers, support, and love for Jesus!