The Byers Family

Preaching Jesus Christ to the Pacific Northwest

Dear Church

There is sunshine, blessed sunshine in Clatsop Couty and I am rejoicing! This winter was especially long but we have entered the first days of April and we are all drying out after the rain finally slowed down. Thank you for reading this letter, praying, and sending support to help us!

The young Coastguardsman we requested prayer for has orders to Seattle and it does not look like he will remain with us. I know God will use him in his future assignment and hope the Lord will bring him back to Astoria on another tour. Another young man who was saved and baptized here at Anchor Baptist Church moved to another location for work. He visited a church and reported back in dismay. The church he visited didn’t use the King James Bible and the pastor only read a few verses and just talked the rest of the time. How wonderful this brand-new Christian knows how to avoid a bad church! He is working on reliable transportation that will allow him to travel about an hour away to a good church that preaches the truth from the Word of God!

At the end of February, we said “goodbye” to a dear lady who has been visiting Anchor Baptist Church for nearly one year. At the end of her life, I had the privilege of meeting her surviving family. Stacy and I both prayed with her, and Stacy stayed up late singing songs of Heaven and giving comfort as she departed this world. I was honored to preach at the funeral and was filled with peace and joy as I could boldly proclaim that sister Helen knew Jesus Christ as her Saviour and that “goodbye” is only temporary. I gave a clear presentation of the Gospel, and four souls indicated a need for salvation. Pray the seed will grow and that souls will be saved as a result. If you are keeping count, I just listed 3 people who are no longer part of Anchor Baptist Church. This decrease in attendance is very evident since we are such a small group, and we ask you to pray the Lord will replace these precious people who will no longer be in attendance.

 I was just about to cancel our Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting because the property owner wouldn’t get back to me, but today I spoke with a man who offered a suitable alternative located a short walk from our church meeting place. Pray the city will welcome our use of this piece of property and that God will make all things work out quickly. We are way behind schedule!

Last night, a woman met me on our way into church and informed me they are renting the restaurant at the Shilo Inn. According to her, the manager gave her permission to remove our church signs and put up her restaurant signs. She said she is a Christian, but we all know that Christ is not for removing the church sign that he made available for us. Please pray God will work for us! On a positive note, I was able to install one of the signs on our church trailer today and should have them finished by early next week. Pray the agreement I had with the previous manager will be honored and that we can park that trailer in the parking lot. Also pray for protection from vandalism. Thank you for your prayer, support, and for those who send cards of encouragement or even drop by!