Dear Church,

On your marks, get set; GO! With February behind us, March and April leave precious little time to accomplish any remaining tasks leading up to our grand opening service on April 21st. Please continue to pray with us even through the months of April and May! Thank you for your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm as we press toward the mark for the prize!

In our last letter I shared the exciting news of a lady who received Jesus as her Saviour. Just a few weeks ago, her daughter came to church and also came forward in the invitation to be saved. With joy in her heart she announced her decision to the congregation! God is really doing something here in Astoria. In reality, this is not the cold reception that we envisioned and I attribute that wholly to the prayers of God’s people. I strongly encourage you to keep it up!

Bearing Precious Seed in Milford Ohio is sending us ten thousand copies of John and Romans. They should arrive within the next five days. They generously donated all the printing, labor, and even shipping through their seed-line churches. These copies of the gospel were printed with a high quality color cover that has the information for our church. Pray with us that the scripture will not be wasted and the Holy Spirit will prevent people from throwing them away.

Several groups are planning to come distribute tracts, flyers, and scriptures over the coming months. Greater Portland Baptist Church will be here in a few short weeks to help us. Bro. Larson with Re-seeding America ministries of BIMI is also on his way to distribute material with us this month. Pastor Andrew Teesdale and the good folks from Faith Baptist Church in Everett, WA plan to canvas with us just before our grand opening, and several people from Oregon Trail Baptist Church are making plans to be with us during our opening service. If your church would like to be a part of this exciting outreach, please contact me. There is much to do and little time left.

There are some needs we have for startup I would like to present. Perhaps the Lord would impress upon your heart to supply one or more of these. We need at least two offering plates and a serving set for the Lord’s Supper. We also need six hundred dollars for a Yamaha P-125 Electric Piano. We will need a few banners made; one for the conference room to identify the church, one pop-up banner in the hall of the hotel to indentify our meeting place, and one to hang in the community. The cost for this will be just over three hundred dollars. We could also run 30 30-second ads on a local radio station for five hundred and ten dollars. If the Lord would lay it upon your heart, this may be an effective way to invite people to our grand opening and also share the gospel.

Perhaps you remember how the Lord used a “chance” meeting with a lady in a KFC parking lot and she began coming to church. Last Sunday, this dear lady brought five first-time visitors with her! We are seeing the good hand of the Lord around every corner and prayer is most certainly the key! It is a great joy to be in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time! God’s provision has also been abundant and in the nick (or fullness) of time. A few additional churches began supporting us last month. We are still raising monthly support and ask you to pray for that as well.

Many have asked for an update on Bella’s health. A short time ago, the insurance company sent a letter to ask if Bella still needed her controller medicine since the prescription had not been filled in some time. Praise the LORD!