Dear Church,

Your prayers and support for our family and ministry are so vital and very much appreciated. The news from Astoria, Oregon is good! and I am excited to deliver it. After much agony and prayer, our son Josiah, gave his life to Jesus Christ and became a new creature! Our hearts are overjoyed, and we are forever grateful for those of you who have prayed! God is doing a great work and we hope you will continue to pray for Josiah’s walk with his new Lord. Hallelujah!!!

A few weeks ago I saw a piece of land in Astoria with a lease sign that I had never noticed before. The field was located right next to the park we wanted for our tent meeting. We haven’t raised nearly enough money to use the park so I called the number on the lease sign. The owner agreed to allow us to use his property, asking only that we keep the grass cut until our service! It is amazing to see God work through the details and prepare the way for our tent meeting. Of course, the Governor of Oregon plans to keep our state closed as long as possible: we need prayer!

Tuesday began our new addictions program at Anchor Baptist Church. Things are off to a great start and the program has already seen victories. The program we are using is called H.O.P.E and was written by Dr. Rick Carter, Jr. The material is easy to use, and the format is very impressive. We ask for prayer concerning those with addictions and especially for the rollout of our program. In addition, we are streaming a series of messages on Friday evening dealing with stewardship in the local church. There is so much to do and little time left before the rapture!

A few weeks ago, Anchor Baptist helped some folks who were displaced and had nowhere to go but the woods. The church delivered several bags of food and camping items. Sunday, our people gathered for church with them in the forest and had a fantastic service. We brought a canopy, pulpit, guitar, and our bibles to hold service in the woods. The world is in a panic and God’s Word is being validated more and more. If anyone gets left behind, DON’T TAKE THE MARK! For the rest of us who are saved, I’ll see you here, there, or in the air!

-The Byers Family