Dear Church,

            The Sun has been shining here in beautiful Astoria Oregon and we are so thankful for the welcomed change. Our family enjoyed visiting Summerville Baptist Church for their annual preachers meeting, where the church and Pastor Humber spoiled us with great meals and preaching. One couple from Anchor Baptist Church also drove out to Summerville with us to be part of the conference. Our oldest son is making progress and seems to be doing well as so many of you are praying for his recovery. Stacy’s knee is improving after surgery and Bella’s allergies are very manageable at the time. On Resurrection Sunday we celebrated our two-year anniversary with an attendance of 33 souls. Our regular attendance has been less than that, but folks do like to go to church on “Easter Sunday.” God has been good to us and your support and prayers have made all the difference!

            My goal today is to submit the building permit for the Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting. We invite you to make a trip to Astoria to attend any or all of the services. If you come, please make it a matter of prayer to win a soul to Jesus Christ while visiting our city. We would like to provide a hotel for those preaching and welcome any support to help offset the costs of lodging. Pray for a great attendance, a wonderful spirit, and liberty to proclaim the Gospel without interference.

            At the preachers meeting in Summerville, I was challenged to search more diligently for a permanent building. A pastor in town spoke casually with me about a church building that could possibly come available.  A man who attends Anchor and has some knowledge of real estate is working on a proposal and we plan on discussing things this week. We have some money set aside that could be used for a building, but commercial property is terribly expensive in Astoria and everything is out of reach (humanly speaking.)  I invite you to pray with me for wisdom, heavenly direction, and funding as the Lord leads. Many church planters in the Northwest have shared their experiences with me of trusting the Lord against insurmountable odds to provide a church building. Not only did God provide the buildings in those cases, he also filled them with people!

            Over the past few months, our family and church have faced several trials. Regardless of the level of difficulty, the answer to problems is longsuffering, prayer, patience, and faith in God. We are renewed in our fervor and dedication to serve the Lord with gladness and trust God for great things in the future. Thank you for partnering together with us to plant an independent Baptist church in a very needy place. Several people have grown and made spiritual decisions over the past few months. Others are holding back on God and in some cases, rebelling against God completely. Some have been saved and are not attending church, have not been baptized, or refuse to allow me to disciple them in the Word. We continue to sow the seed and look forward to a great harvest!