Dear Church,

We are now eleven days into September and I am just writing the update for the month of August; therefore, some September news will be included in this report.

The Lord has done it again by providing more blessings and answering more prayer as we stand in awe of His provision and care. Greater Portland Baptist Church and Sister Talley Hein gave us some fantastic school material for our four youngest boys. This was a huge financial savings for the family and a great help to Stacy who has her hands full with homeschooling 5 kids at once! GPBC also recently put on a training session for preachers which was a blessing to Gabriel and me.

Pastor Fridemon Moser in Germany is a dear friend of our family. His son Noah came to Portland (of all places) as a foreign exchange student. We are so happy he is in the area and we introduced him to our sending church. It was refreshing to spend time with him and brush up on our German as well. We are thrilled to hear Bro. Moser will soon plant an exciting new Baptist Church for Germans in Stuttgart and we ask you to pray for him. Of course, a large piece of our hearts will always be with the German people and we are happy to hear of this church!

Gabriel passed his driving test and earned a license to drive! He was able to make a few trips to Portland and has shown remarkable character. In addition, he has been an incredible asset in our church plant. The men of the church really like him and the teenagers do as well. Gabriel has a way of getting people involved and making them feel welcome which is so crucial; especially in a new church.

Bella is also driving, but on a learner’s permit. Last week she drove me to the bank on the promise of a coffee. We returned to the car and met one of the tellers who normally waits on us. I introduced her to my daughter and we spoke for a little while. I asked her if she would attend church with us and she said she would. Lately, she has been attending an LDS church because she wants to raise her daughter with “religion.” Please pray we will see her attend soon and believe on Jesus for eternal life.

Please pray for a young man who is struggling with rock music. Be it “Christian” rock, or secular; the music is pure rebellion against God and has a stranglehold on this young man. The Lord is trying to work in his life and the music holds him back.

We had our Anchor Bible Club during the month of August. Attendance started slow and began to build as the weeks went by. For our final night we were excited to have 14 kids in attendance. Some heard the gospel of Jesus for the very first time and there were several who need to be saved. The culture is so ridden with apostasy and paganism that even young people are difficult to win to Christ. We need much prayer for souls to be saved.

A lady who comes regularly to church has been praying for her husband. I pray for him regularly and the church does as well. Perhaps he has seen a change for the better in his wife since she got saved and baptized a few months ago because he came to church for the very first time just last week! It was so much fun to see her expression of joy and excitement when they entered the service. God is doing a magnificent work in Astoria and I am very blessed to be a part of it.

Thank you for praying for us, supporting the work, and loving our family. As many of you know, this has been a hard month for us but God is still working! Thank you!

–The Byers Family