Dear Church,

            There is much to do before the Lord’s return and we certainly don’t have much time to get it all done. The Bible tells us in Psalm 107, “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.” We have come to do the Lord’s business in the great waters of the pacific northwest, and we have seen some wonders in the deep already! Thank you for supplying us with financial support and prayer cover.

            During the tent meeting, a certain family came one evening and we never saw them again. Just recently some kids came to the house and played with our kids a few days. They said their mom needed to meet us so they would be allowed to continue coming over. We were glad when she visited the house, and excited to learn it was the same lady who brought her kids to the Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting in July. The Lord gave us opportunity to spend many hours with this family. They came to church last week, and one of the girls talked with Bella after the preaching and trusted Jesus as her personal Saviour! God is working in this family and we ask you to pray for them to be faithful to the house of God, Bible reading, and prayer.

            Another couple who visited our tent meeting several nights has been very interested in Anchor Baptist Church. They were very complimentary of the meetings and the man, a long-time firefighter, asked me to consider becoming the chaplain for the fire department. Gabriel joined the department nearly one year ago and has maintained a fine Christian testimony. I spoke with the fire chief and other people at the station and they explained their difficulty in talking with people who have suffered loss, grief, stress, and other problems. They have asked me to fill that volunteer role and be a listening ear and a counselor both to the department and those who request help. One of the firefighters explained how someone came by the department a few weeks ago and was distraught and wanted someone to talk with. He said he felt inadequate and didn’t know how to help and told me how great it would be to have a chaplain available. Please keep this opportunity in prayer.

            We are eternally grateful for your prayers for Josiah. Several months ago, he contacted me, we talked; and he repented of his sin calling on Jesus to save his soul. In August, Josiah presented himself to the church for baptism and publicly repented of his rebellion and sin while sharing his testimony of salvation before the church. The baptistry overflowed and flooded the basement of the new facility we are renting, but that is another story! God used several preachers to help us get through, but primarily he used a man named S.M. Davis. If you know a person dealing with rebellious children, I urge you to contact Solve Family Problems ministry and get help. Bro. Davis corrected my problems and taught me how to help my children. Thanks for your prayer and support!