Dear Church,

The rainy season in the rainy part of Oregon is in full swing as we enter January. We finished out the year with renewed vision of what the gospel is doing here in the Pacific Northwest and in Astoria particularly. A great and effectual door is opened to preach the gospel to lost and dying souls here and we thank you for standing with us. One of the many lessons we learned as Christians from 2020 is that depravity is escalating in America. Focus on (what has often been referred to as) home missions is more critical than ever.  To put it bluntly, we are losing our country and Jesus is the answer.

The church building, we are renting is a nice facility and comes fully equipped. There are hymn books and pew bibles which are not King James. When we first started using the building, the kids would remove those bibles and return them after the service, but that practice fell by the way. The kids noticed last week that several visitors were using those bibles and we discussed the idea of getting some nice King James pew bibles of our own. Bibles we had before were well used during setup and tear down in the hotel or distributed to someone who took them home. If your church would like to help, a set of at least 25 hard cover pew bibles would meet a need and our kids would happily set them out each week. 

A few weeks ago, A man approached me after church with concern for his spiritual condition. He started attending sporadically since just before our tent meeting in July. I tried to share the gospel with him several times, but he always changed the subject and the spirit of God did not seem to be convicting during those times. On this particular day, he was focused on his soul and very aware that he was not right with the Lord. I rejoice to tell you that 2020 ended with another soul who trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as this man bowed his head and heart that day!

We constantly print things for the church each week, but for several months now, the printer has been eating paper and spitting out a mess. We really need a quality color laser printer for the ministry that can duplex, print inexpensively, and refrain from eating paper. A good Brother printer will cost just under $500.00 and be a tremendous help and time saver for Anchor Baptist Church. If you would like to help with our printing costs, please annotate “Administrative:Equipment” on the donation. 

Please remember the Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting; announcements will follow with details so you can join our prayer team personally and help cover every minute of July 11th -18th in prayer. We are looking for soul-winners to come, visit, and share the gospel with anyone who will listen. Last year, the Lord covered every detail and we are expecting greater things this year!