Dear Church,

We have a unique opportunity to impact our community, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and increase our exposure in Astoria and the surrounding areas. I am asking you to begin praying now for the old-fashioned tent meeting we are planning July 12th-19th.

I believe the Lord is leading me in this monumental undertaking and I hope each supporting church will invest in some extra way. God’s presence is our single greatest need and prayer is second only to that. Are you with me?
The cities of Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside, and Hammond are on the far-left side of the US Map and the far-left side of the political and moral spectrum. In other words, the conditions are just perfect for revival! Clatsop county is a vacation spot filled with second-to-none scenery, fishing and hunting, history, and open sin everywhere.

What we still need:
Advertisement in the paper$650.00
Lot rental for the tent$520.00 x 8 days
Flyers for printing$600.00
Volunteers to win people to Jesus and attend the meetingLOTS!
more details to follow…

Planting a true Bible-believing church in such an environment can only be accomplished through the power of God. We need you to please consider coming here with a burden to win at least one person to Christ during your stay. Church; please consider sending your pastor and his wife to Astoria as a mission trip!

I am coordinating with several pastors from the area and the response has been very positive. Most of them have already agreed to preach and support the meeting. We have a 40 x 60-foot tent and 120 chairs! God is working and more details are soon to follow. Please begin praying for the listed items, souls to be saved, churches to be involved, and your heart to be stirred to the cause!

-The Byers Family