Dear Church,

            Thank you for praying and thank the Lord for answers to prayer! We often receive e-mails or handwritten cards from people we don’t know from supporting churches which encourage us to continue serving the Lord and remind us of their prayers for our family and ministry. Thank you to the many unsung heroes of the prayer closet, who’ve keep us on the front lines through their prayer and financial support. We also greatly appreciate those who prayed for Rachel’s husband, Pat to recover from Covid-19, we are happy to say he made a full recovery and that God spared his life.

            Many of you have also been praying with us about a property for our Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting since the one we used last year was sold. Three months ago, I sent a letter to the new owner who was listed as an LLC with only a PO Box for a contact. After no answer was received, we began searching frantically for a new location for the tent, however we came up empty at every possibility. Finally, I received a phone call from the new owner, he was happy to donate the property to us for this year’s tent meeting! We praise the LORD for this wonderful answer to prayer. We now ask you to pray with us for all the permits to be approved, a great turnout, and many souls to be saved.

About three weeks ago, our oldest son came to our house. He said he needed help and would do whatever we recommended. His heart was sincere and repentant, and he was clearly tired of living with the world. God provided the vehicle, drivers, fuel, hotel, and funds for admission to a Baptist rehabilitation program out of state. We can talk with him once per week and he is doing very well. Please pray for him to complete the entire program, and to remain resolute at cutting off all contact with bad influences.

Attendance at church is growing, but satan is attacking. I strongly oppose alcohol, marijuana, fornication, witchcraft, and all forms of ungodliness. Drugs are legal in Oregon and people feel justified in getting high since they have a prescription. Last week I was threatened with “if you weren’t a man of the cloth, you’d be looking for your teeth right now,” following Sunday service. My wife and Gabriel went with me to resolve the issue, but communication broke down and I asked the couple to stay away from church out of concern for safety. We lost three people already, but God is still on the throne and this is part of church planting in 2021.

Last month, Stacy had a knee operation and has been laid up for five weeks now. With spring in full bloom, she is very stir-crazy and wants to do more than she should. This week she is off the crutches, but her knee did swell up and she needed a cortisone injection. Please pray for a full recovery and patience to wait for it! We love you and thank you for your prayer and support! Sunday April fourth, marks our two-year anniversary at Anchor Baptist Church, What a blessing!