Dear Church,

Less than ninety days and we will be holding our grand opening service for Anchor Baptist Church. Preparation time is nearing an end and the excitement level is high. We praise the Lord for you and your enthusiasm about spreading the Gospel by planting a church in a needy area.
Early in January we had a bout of sickness in the house. I did not want to cancel Sunday service, but I also hoped to avoid making people sick by visiting our home. I called a local hotel and asked if their conference room was available for rent and it was! (Before they had said no) We made the necessary calls and informed every one of our plans to meet in the hotel conference room. That was four Sundays ago, and the Lord has blessed with visitors nearly every week!

Several weeks ago Gabriel and I met a lady in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. I asked her to visit the church and she said she would. True to her word, she came and has visited several times.

Gabriel needed a minor surgery a few weeks ago so we were returning from Portland. I noticed a yard sale and we stopped for awhile to stretch our legs and look around. I spoke with a young man there and we recognized each other. As it turns out, I had previously talked with him in a store for some time and had also invited him to meet for Bible study. He was glad I stopped by and agreed to come to services on Sunday. Saturday evening, I dropped by the house with Gabriel and Bella. We talked together and also met the young man’s nieces and their mother. It was such a blessing to meet them and to share the gospel. The lady joyfully received Jesus Christ as her Saviour calling upon the name of the Lord!

The following Sunday was very exciting as we had eight visitors from that house. Although the girls’ mother could not make it because of work, she is planning to visit when she can and share her testimony with the church. The Lord is working in many hearts and in many areas. Our official launch date is yet to come, but the pieces of this church are coming together and prayers are being answered.

Last week I met a lady in front of our house who was soliciting subscriptions in the neighborhood for her company. We talked for a few minutes and then I invited her to come to church while handing her a tract. She seemed surprised and then told me how several people had mentioned God to her on this particular day. I asked about her church background and she said she used to go to a Baptist church when she was very young. The lady shared with me about some difficulty in her life and I encouraged her to come and have some coffee with Stacy whenever she could spare the time. Pray for this lady, the Lord knows her name and her need. It was clear the Lord is working in her life!

Months ago, chairs were donated to the church. I didn’t have any place to put them or even a need for them. A pastor recommended I accept them anyhow, and I did! The chairs at the hotel are very uncomfortable, and management agreed to allow us to use our chairs and leave them there. Praise the Lord! Not only that, but they have also agreed to allow us to baptize using the swimming pool for our grand opening service. Open doors are emerging everywhere!

In January, we were amazed to see the Lord provide for one thing after another. Accounting software, flyers, rent money, offering envelopes, website, and the list goes on. Moments before each need, the Lord provided through you! I am three months behind in writing thank you letters. Pray we can catch up with the work! We are 80% supported!

–The Byers Family