Dear Church,

Things are going great here in Astoria and the work of God continues to be a blessing while presenting new challenges each week. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord raises up help and support at just the right times. We are living in exciting days as the rapture of the church is certainly right around the corner!

Last time I wrote to you, there were two specific prayer requests I mentioned. First, A young man who trusted Christ as his Saviour stopped coming to church for at least six weeks. We were all very burdened for him and faithfully prayed for his return. Of course, I brought this need to you and spoke with several people who received our letter and prayed for the young man. I am ecstatic to announce he has been back to church two weeks in a row! Now that is the power of prayer! Would you please keep this young man in your prayers? His family needs to be saved and he does not have permission to be baptized. God is able and your faithful prayer can avail much!

Next, we brought to your attention Stacy’s opportunity to have a hearing implant that would restore hearing to her right side. She has been deaf in this ear most of her life. The high cost of the surgery and device could have prevented her from having the procedure done, but many people prayed with us and the surgery is covered by insurance! She is schedule for the operation in a few weeks and so we thank you for the prayers and ask you to continue to pray that everything goes well with the surgery.

Things have been extremely wet in Astoria. It’s always wet here, but even the long-time residents have been overheard complaining saying, “this is a bit much.” One of the struggles with living in a gloomy area is keeping focus and keeping your heart above the overcast. If you live in a sunny area, pray for us that our hearts would remain joyful in the rain! We have visitation day with the church once per month. We planned to start at 1PM but at 11AM I noticed a break in the rain and a few rays of sunshine. I called the one lady who faithfully goes with our family and asked, “would you like to go while the going is good?” She agreed and the Lord gave us a couple of hours of clear weather to give out John and Romans and share Christ. Bella and I spoke with a Coast Guard wife who was brought up Catholic. She did not get saved, but the seed was planted and hopefully a friend was made.

For two weeks now we have been meeting in our living room for Sunday services while waiting on the hotel to finish their renovation. This is not a good situation for our new church, and we need the Lord to provide a solution. Our home is not the best location for services and we are at maximum capacity in our living room so please pray for a better meeting place.
This summer we want to hold a revival service in Astoria from July 12-19th. Please consider sending your pastor and helpers here to pray, participate, and plead with the Lord for the opportunity to personally win a soul for Jesus. Each person would need to secure lodging on their own. A church will loan us a 40×40 meeting tent, but we do need a place to put it. Renting the park will likely cost at least $550 but we are looking for other options. Pray with us that funds will come in for the revival. We also need funds for a youth outreach in the park this summer as we try to win souls and introduce ourselves in the community. We really need prayer partners and soul-winners in July and hope you will consider helping! Thanks for praying for us!

-The Byers Family