Dear Church,

                   I want to thank you for the quick response in helping us with some needs here at Anchor Baptist Church. The Lord blessed with funds for a printer, toner, Bibles, and even an offering toward our Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting! In fact, we now have what our operating budget was for last year. It’s almost as if God’s people don’t know they are supposed to stop everything in a pandemic. Praise the Lord for each of you who had a special part in supplying these needed items. We count it a joy to represent you here in Astoria as we preach Jesus and the cross.            

Nothing compares to the joy of winning souls to Jesus Christ except watching those you won to the Lord bring others to know the Saviour. A couple months ago I mentioned how God allowed me to win a person to the Lord and did not give many details. A few days ago, I had a conversation with that man. He was concerned for his friend who had gone through a tragic situation and hoped I might be able to speak with him and be of some help. After thinking about it, I realized this friend had sought him out rather than me and so I suggested the Lord might want him to help his friend. I pointed out the best thing you could do for somebody is to share the gospel with them. I also reminded him of two things I highly recommended when he got saved. “First, share your salvation testimony with everyone you can, and second; get baptized right away.” To date, he has not followed through, but after our conversation I saw his excitement and strong desire to witness. Pray with me about this situation.

                   Attendance has been up, visitors have been coming nearly every week, and folks who visit seem to like the services enough to keep coming back. I praise the Lord for twenty four in attendance last Sunday, and our mid-week Bible study has been well attended.  We are blessed!

                   Today I received a prayer request from a dear lady named Rachel. Her husband Pat has covid-19, pneumonia, asthma, and is currently hospitalized with decreasing oxygen levels. To make matters worse, he only has one kidney. I am praying with her and asking you to join me. You may know others who are battling this right now and are already praying for healing. We have known this woman since I first joined the Air Force, she is a blessing. She and her husband have three children and one of their daughters is in Bible college. Rachel, Pat, and the family would greatly appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery.

                   Please keep your options opened for July 11th-18th and pray that we can secure the property for our meeting. I am also praying about some very wonderful people to provide the special music. (They know who they are). Please pray for the Lord’s will to be done in everything concerning this special event. I realize there are many prayer requests and look forward to updating you soon!