Dear Church,

Despite our frailties and shortcomings, God blessed our tent meeting in a glorious way. Please accept this prayer letter as thanks to you who prayed, sacrificed, visited, helped, and supported our outreach. So many came and encouraged us. Attendance fluctuated between 35 and 73 each night and most of the people were from the local area. One soul trusted Jesus as Saviour and many were encouraged to take a stand for Jesus. We have enjoyed visitors every week at church since our tent meeting concluded.

One week before things kicked off, I was asked by the Mayor to shut it down. Online forums from the community were buzzing with anger and demanding the Mayor take action. Some turned activist and began calling TV news stations around Oregon, and these channels called me repeatedly desiring an interview. We were accused of holding a “super spreader event” and tempers were raging. I prayed fervently that week, refused to talk with the media, and responded by preaching the Gospel. I began asking the journalists where they would spend eternity which eventually tempered their zeal for a news story. For one week, I answered my phone and spent hours each day fielding questions and addressing concerns. The folks who called were basically in two groups. One group consisted of those who hate God and will do anything possible to stop us from preaching. The other group was made up of those who watch the news and believe propaganda. The latter group were amazed to hear comparisons between how many died from smoking and drinking each year as opposed to how many died from coronavirus. I then would ask them, sir/ma’am, have you called the bars and demand they shut down? These people thanked me for the time and were much more at ease after we spoke.

The Mayor did visit our meeting and was very kind to us in a response on his social media page. God worked everything out and we are blessed to have your support in planting Anchor Baptist!