Dear Church,

This feels like the most rewarding two months of ministry I have ever enjoyed in my life. The power of God has been present in a myriad of ways and the blessings have been abundant. Church attendance is up, offerings are increasing, and the baptismal waters have been stirred! Oh boy is it fun planting a church!!!

You have read about a grandmother and son who began attending church, growing in the Lord, and blessing our family. Last month, both of them followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. We gathered at a local lake and buried them under the water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The local fishermen didn’t even give us a second look as we cheered and rejoiced along with the Angels in Heaven. A few weeks later, Micaiah Byers decided to follow Christ in baptism. We went to the river near the hotel and baptized him under the Astoria Bridge. A local body of baptized believers is forming right before our very eyes!

We were concerned about a future meeting place for Anchor Baptist Church since the hotel was not willing to extend our use of their conference room. After searching to no avail, I was able to contact the head manager to discuss the situation and ask her the reason we were not allowed to continue there. She explained the morning time is their most busy time of the day and the room was needed for breakfast overflow. We talked together and found a solution by changing our service time to 1PM. This is not most convenient for us, but our only option. The first week, attendance was down but increased the over the following two weeks. Thank you for praying about this situation. We give God the glory for answering prayer and providing a place for us. We hope to find a more permanent solution in the months ahead, but this does give us some time to pray, search, and gather funds for a meeting place.

Last Sunday, Pastor Franklin Humber visited with his family and preached for us. We also had some visitors from out of town who were traveling on vacation. Most of our regular attendees were in their place and we had a total of thirty five to worship the Lord together. Our family sang special music and God blessed the entire service.

Directly following the great meeting, Pastor Humber and his wife treated us to ice cream. Then, the teens loaded up in the van and we headed out to summer camp. We stopped first at the Portland Airport to pick up a friend of Gabriel’s from Tennessee. Next, we drove to Greater Portland Baptist Church where our kids had the privilege to hear Dr. Rick Adams preach. We stayed overnight in a Sunday school room and headed for Clear Lake in Washington the next morning.

It was an amazing first-time experience for me to take a group of kids from our church to teen Bible camp. Six kids came in total; three of mine, one from TN, and two boys from our church. During the preaching, the Lord moved and some fantastic decisions were made. During the last night, a boy from our neighborhood raised his hand indicating a need for salvation. I sat down with him and opened the Bible. He had finally understood his need of a Saviour and put his trust in Christ alone! Around the fire that evening, testimonies were given. I was hoping this boy would have the courage to tell others about his salvation. Bella stood to testify of her commitment to follow God’s plan in life, which was a great answer to prayer. The boy also stood with a grand smile and shared how he got saved! Pray for him to be baptized!

–The Byers Family