Dear Church,

How wonderful to understand the times as we watch the Bible proven true with every passing day. People often say we are living in uncertain times, and to some degree that may be true. As the day approaches for the Lord’s return, I am more certain now than I have ever been! Thank you for supporting the Byers family and Anchor Baptist Church as we reach lost souls in one of the most sinful and unchurched states in America. By God’s grace, an autonomous independent Baptist church will be planted for the Lord’s Glory.

The dates are set, and the first permit is already in for our Gospel Tent Meeting! We need much prayer as the city may try to prevent our meeting. The governor of Oregon has given “permission” for God’s people to meet in numbers of 250 or less. As the media hypes “new cases,” there is always a chance she will reverse that and pause the reopening. Folks are dying and going to hell, binge drinking, becoming violent, and considering suicide. The devil knows his time is short and we know there is not much time left to win souls. Here are some ways you can pray:

Pray for the eight preachers, their messages, their health, and for spirit fullness. Pray for safety, good rapport with the city, lost souls to be saved, great weather, no disturbances, and Christians to surrender to the Lord’s will. Ask God for the tent to be sturdy and withstand any wind, permits to go through, mailings to reach people, music to be Christ honoring, and for the meeting to make a great impression on the community. Pray for each financial need to be met, workers, ushers, security, and sound equipment to function properly. Please consider having a special meeting to bathe this important outreach in fervent prayer.

If any of you can help us during the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your faithful support continues despite lockdown, coronavirus, and the implosion of society as we know it. In my opinion, the greatest churches in America support our ministry and we are honored to represent you in the Pacific Northwest.

-The Byers Family