Dear Church,

One more letter to write this year and whoosh, twenty nineteen is gone! In retrospect, I feel this has been the most rewarding and blessed year I have ever experienced. Your faithfulness to support our family through this monumental mission helped make the impossible dream reality.

We still have further to go before the church is financially self-sustaining, but a solid groundwork is laid, and the bar set high. Every Sunday after the worship service, we meet with a core group of dedicated Christians to study the doctrinal statement of the church. None of the people God blessed us with have been taught sound doctrine before. For this reason, we take time to read several verses from the Bible concerning each point of the statement. This is now the second time through a membership class. The first time, several people were uncomfortable with the doctrine and decided this was not the church for them. It is certainly best to charter a church with true Bible believers. People are growing spiritually through this process.

Months ago, I shared the story of a young man who trusted Jesus at camp and we were so excited about that decision. He remained faithful for some time, but about two months ago something happened, and he stopped coming. I prayed for him regularly and just recently had an opportunity to press the issue. Finally, the truth came out how the preaching went against the religion he was raised in, so he took it very personally. He said he will come back, but his parents won’t allow him to get baptized.

Pray with me about a soul-winning partner. I go out with my kids, and that is a blessing; but the church would benefit if some of the men would surrender to the Lord and go on visitation with me. God has greatly used our efforts in door-to-door evangelism, and I want to keep this going. In addition to this, we have never seen an answer to prayer concerning a solid and well-grounded couple to come be a part of our church plant. Please keep this need on your prayer list.

My frustration level with the old laptop computer finally prompted me to action. I was waiting so long for programs to load that I would forget what I was doing. When it comes to computers, I am an old dog who hates learning new tricks, so I put off upgrading to windows 10 for as long as possible. Support for windows 7 will discontinue soon anyhow so we decided to purchase a replacement. The new machine has proven to be a great help already!

Stacy is praising the Lord after getting good news from the dentist. First, the bad news… She was told one of her teeth looked like it was infected at the root and would need to be extracted. Many of you know that she has severe dental problems because of the way her jaw is formed. She was very sad at the thought of losing this tooth and possibly needing to wear a spacer. We decided to get a second opinion before proceeding and were thrilled to hear from the oral surgeon there was no need to remove the tooth. Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer! She has also been to see the audiologist. They have a hearing aid that can restore the hearing to her right ear, but she would need a bone implant. We are submitting this to the insurance and ask you to pray with us for the insurance to cover it. There will be some out-of-pocket expense, but it should be under five hundred dollars.

I am so blessed and thankful serving the Lord with my dedicated wife and children. Each of them has risen to the occasion and thrilled my soul!

-The Byers Family