Dear Church,

The Bible says “A wise son gathereth in the summer,” but the Lord has been blessing us in the fall as we gather souls for His kingdom! Thank you for continued prayer, support, and encouragement.

We mentioned last month that two churches would be discontinuing support. Immediately I was contacted by a pastor who wanted me to come preach and share the ministry in November. A few weeks after, Pastor Greg Adams (my former youth pastor) called to inform me that First Baptist Church in Fossil, Oregon voted to take us on for support! God continues to meet the needs financially and increase our ministry numerically. (Thank you First Baptist in Fossil!!!)

Months ago, we reported how a mother and son received Jesus Christ as Saviour, began growing in the Lord, and were obedient in baptism. The lady’s grand son came to church a few weeks ago, heard the gospel and got saved. Later that week Stacy and I talked with the boy’s mother. She said “I don’t know what you did, but my son has been different. He came home, gave me a hug and told me that God loves me!” God did a work in that young man’s life and he couldn’t wait to share it with others.

The following week the boy came to church with a change of clothes so he could be baptized and his mother came with him. How exciting to see a new believer bring his mother to church! During the preaching, she was moved by the Spirit of God. Stacy talked with her during the invitation and she received Jesus into her heart! Although she did not really come prepared, she improvised, found a change of clothes; and I had the privilege of baptizing them both that same Sunday! People are growing more excited as God continues to amaze us with souls saved and baptized.

Just one week later, a man who had been visiting for several months came to speak with me after the service. His church background was heavily influenced by the charismatic movement and his salvation testimony, quite frankly, made me very nervous. As the man talked to me he asked if I thought he was saved. I told him I could not be certain, but the substance of his testimony seemed very weak and his faith seemed to be based more on feeling rather than faith. He agreed and told me this had been on his mind for a long time. Then he asked me “can we do this right now?” “Do you want to be saved?” I asked him, and he said that he did. I opened Romans 10:9 and encouraged him to make the decision based on the faith of the Word of God. He understood very clearly. It was a joy to hear him verbally confess Jesus as Lord and know his head knowledge became heart knowledge! Two weeks later he followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. Will you pray I can write letters like this every month?

You may remember we asked for prayer about the hotel we are meeting in because there were a few services where we could not use the conference room. The Lord worked wonderfully and those plans were changed. We did not miss any services and the hotel has been working out well. We do need you to pray for a facility because we really do need a church building.

In closing, let me give you some prayer requests as we pray for you. Stacy needs some dental work done, several people we minister to have addictions and attendance for the mid-week service has been low. Also, we are praying for a man named Ed to be saved; please pray with us. Of course, please keep our oldest son in your prayers. His repentance is our greatest need!