Dear Church,

Dear Supporting Church,

Our letter includes details from two months this time as I just realized how late I am in updating our supporting churches. Here we are on the 19th of October and my last letter only covered August. It’s rainy here in Oregon but we are not allowing moss to grow under our feet as the work continues in a great way!

The family just returned from the annual church planter’s home mission conference held in Yakima each year. There, we met with other preachers, their wives, and children and enjoyed fellowship with believers. Anchor Baptist Church donated money to several church planting causes through the mission program. Regardless of the size of a church, everyone should be involved in missions. Although our attendance is still small and we are supported by mission dollars, we began teaching about missions from the very beginning. At the start of October, we were blessed to have a missionary drop by and share his burden to go to Alaska. I told the missionary we did not have the ability to support monthly at this time, but the church would help with a love offering if he decided to visit on a Thursday night. Our church was excited to hear about the work and was challenged again with the global mission of the local church. I was blessed to see their generosity.

            A couple new families continued visiting over the past few months and we are excited to see attendance holding steady. Our mid-week service has been well attended, surpassing our Sunday attendance at times. Giving has been increasing and the spirit of the church is great. On the 11th, Stacy surprised me by inviting the church to celebrate my birthday after the service. I wasn’t aware of the plan and Gabriel interrupted the final announcements by asking everyone to meet in the fellowship hall for coffee and cake. The people were all in on it, and we had a great time of fellowship. I was encouraged by the support of a small group of Christians in Astoria who call me “preacher.” Thanks to each of you who sent cards and birthday wishes; I am blessed!

            Please consider taking a mission trip in 2021 to Astoria Oregon for our 2nd annual Old-Fashioned Gospel Tent Meeting. If you are interested, you will need to make local reservations soon because Astoria will likely book up in a few months. The dates will be July 11th – 18th. The purpose of this meeting is to win lost souls to Jesus Christ. Begin praying that soul-winners will come here and boldly share the gospel of Jesus with as many as possible. We don’t want people to travel here just to attend, but to witness and hand out tracts. I am convinced the Lord put this meeting on my heart and certain your efforts will accelerate the church to autonomy. Let’s work and pray for God to establish Anchor Baptist Church. Once this work is self-supporting, our sights are set on sending a church planter from Astoria to the next town!  

Your Friends,
The Byers Family