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Dear Church,
It’s funny how the weather works. We actually had a hot summer and the grass dried up around here. It seems strange for a place that normally gets so much rain. Now that October is right around the corner, the grass is beginning to grow! Things seem a little backwards sometimes but it sure is beautiful! As harvest time is upon us, we are asking the Lord to allow us to harvest support. Seeds of hope were spread along all the many miles we have traveled, churches we have visited, and by sermons that I have delivered. Hope that Anchor Baptist Church will be planted in Astoria. By God’s grace we trust churches and pastors have caught the vision with us and will desire to send support so that we can do the work. The need is now and the time for preparation is nearly over; please pray with us!

We are working in many areas at the same time and therefore my attention is being divided in a number of directions. Raising support involves contacting churches, mailing letters, and answering many questions. Often it involves traveling to preachers meetings and dropping by churches to meet pastors. Communicating with a pastor personally can take weeks and in some cases months. Preachers are very busy. Normally, five preachers must be contacted before a meeting can be made to visit the church. Out of the last 21 churches we have visited, 2 have sent monthly support for the work in Astoria. This is a tedious process and highlights the need for MORE (not less) independent fundamental Baptist churches!

Not only are we working on support, but we are also holding Bible studies each week and witnessing to people in the area. Three have been saved already! At the same time, I am coordinating details about our first Sunday, searching for a meeting place, collecting church materials, and coordinating an outreach strategy. We are soliciting help from churches nearest us to get an invitation to each family in the county before our first Sunday. The challenge is great to schedule new meetings, attend scheduled conferences and meetings each week, prepare material for the church plant, as well as prepare for Bible study each Thursday. The fact is; raising support alone is a full time job. With these challenges in mind, we do not ask for your pity but for your prayers and for your support to help us rise to the challenge that is before us!

We are ready and willing to serve and are very excited about the work that God has called us to. Please pray for our monthly support to increase, starting this month!

–The Byers Family