September 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Church,

Summer is definitely over here in the coastal town of Astoria. In one day; the temperature dropped, the rain began and the air turned crisp. Folks around here like to say, “you don’t have to shovel rain!”
The Lord is still blessing as the pieces for Anchor Baptist Church continue to come together. What started as a vague picture in my mind many months ago is beginning to come into focus right before our very eyes. Our family is blessed by the opportunity and strengthened by your support, love, and prayers.

We enjoyed having several visitors from out of town over the past few weeks. It is not uncommon for people to travel to Astoria during the summer and even through the end of September. A few pastors even dropped by and encouraged our family and church. One lady came to visit last week who was a long time member of Greater Portland Baptist Church back when I was a young boy in Sunday school. She was excited to see the new work and it was a blessing for me to visit with her.

We are still meeting in the conference room of the comfort suites. The 1PM time slot is not ideal, but we are working through it. One of the greatest challenges is remembering to say “good afternoon,” instead of “good morning,” when you get to church. There are three services in October where we will need to meet elsewhere because of renovations being made to the hotel. The location we have is suitable for now, but we ask you to continue praying for a permanent solution.

Many have asked about Bella’s health and her adjustment to the costal climate. She is not healed of her asthma and allergy problems, but the salty windy air has made a profound difference for the better in her health as well as her disposition. We just came through the spring and summer with no major attack or medical event. This is such a blessing! The only problem came when she accidentally ate some salad that had a peanut dressing on it. She ended up in the hospital but was out the same day.

The family and I have been knocking on doors and sharing the gospel with people. Each month, I encourage the church to go with us on a Saturday or Friday evening and hand out gospel tracts. The boys have been very excited about this and like to keep track of how many doors we visit. One week, the boys knocked on 300 doors and the Lord blessed with 3 first time visitors. Some of the people who came recognized Elijah. They pointed at him and said “that’s the guy who came to our door!” Of course, we are out as a team, but sometimes a kid will run ahead of the group. Caleb came up behind Micaiah as he was in the middle of speaking to an elderly lady at the door. “We want to invite you to Anchor Baptist Church. On the front of this card is information about our church. On the back of the card is information on how you can go to Heaven, he said.” According to Caleb, the lady was nearly in tears as she said “God bless you young man! You are going to have reward in Heaven for what you are doing!” As a pleased father, I whole-heartedly concur!

We are losing two supporting churches very soon and will need the Lord to help us make up the lost income; please pray with us about this. We are so thankful for those who have helped us get this far. The work is just getting started and the potential for a solid church is enormous. Thank you for standing with us! God is doing a great work here in Astoria and I am so glad you and I are a part of it!

–The Byers Family