JULY 2018 Prayer Letter PDF Download

Dear Church,

The Pacific Northwest must surely be the most beautiful place on this green earth, and the Lord blessed us in July with incredible weather to go along with that beauty. God’s handy work is far better than anything man could ever dream of making! I trust you have enjoyed your summer and we thank you for your attention to these important updates.

Along with the warm summer days, kids have been playing more frequently in the neighborhood and our Anchor Bible Club was well attended. Stacy and the kids have come up with some exciting games and the singing continues to be enthusiastic. Again in June, Stacy had the joy and privilege to lead another child to a saving knowledge of Jesus. He is very sincere and expressed a desire to bring others to Bible Club next week.
A few weeks ago some kids came to me with great excitement after Bible Club and began to ask questions about the Christian life and what things God wants us to avoid. It is sad to see the negative influence inflicted on children by television, video games, music, and society in general. Once they learned that all magic is against God’s Word, they began to point out all the places where magic could be seen in their entertainment. No one had ever told them that magic and witchcraft are wicked and are to be avoided by a true Christian. Please pray for strength as these kids seek to please the Lord and be separated unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We praise the Lord for another church that has committed to help us financially and support us with prayer. It gives us great joy to be surrounded with other servants of God who believe in church planting in America and are willing to get involved. Please continue praying that more churches will join the cause and take on our support! We need many more meetings.
In preparation for our first Sunday, there are a number of things that need prayer and some areas where help is needed. Here is a short list of examples.

– Door hangers, bags, and printing $5,000
– A-frame sandwich signs $500
– Banners/Signs $50
– Quicken Home and Business $100
– As many forever stamps as we can get!
– Contact cards $100
– Meals, snacks, and hospitality for those who come to help canvas $3000

Donations to these items can be sent directly to:
PO BOX 1154

Please also pray for 3 families to trust Christ and join by baptism on our first day. Continue to ask the Lord for 1 well grounded couple to come with their pastor’s blessing and help us for the first year or two. I believe we must ask the Lord for great and mighty things in faith. Let us not be guilty of failing to have because we failed to ask. Jeremiah 33:3 is a great promise to us!

Our search for a meeting place continues. There is one building in particular that I would ask you to pray about. One of the last Radio Shack stores is going out of business in Warrenton. The building is visible from Astoria and lies just over the bridge in an extremely visible storefront on highway 101. The Lord burdened my heart to pray for this building. It is 2k square feet and they are asking somewhere around $1.10/sq ft. Honestly, this is more expense than we are prepared for but it would be best in many ways. I have no earthly idea how, but perhaps the Lord would provide this for us. Will you pray with us?